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  • 創業の精神



    A vendor that takes great pride in offering superior technology

    Since our founding, the identity of Tohoku Electronic Industrial has been that of a vendor proudly offering superior technology. For the half-century that has passed since 1968, we have striven to be at the cutting edge of the electronics industry. Our independent ­ ly-developed chemiluminescence analyzers are a symbol of our research and development capabilities, which are our company's greatest strengths. We create products in a field that is entirely our own. In add ition to our capabilities as a manufacturing com­ pany, the pride we take in being a technology trading company is something we have carried with us since the time of our establishment.

  • 50th HISTORY


    A spirit handed down since the days of our founding, and accomplishments spanning half acentury.
    Tohoku Electronic Industrial aims to set a new standard asa technology trading company for the new era, with a comprehensive coverage of value chains.